Eleganza Moda Series


$ 3.30

All prices are quoted per square foot.



Eclectic in style and versatile in use, the Moda collection was designed as a contamination of different styles. Moda is distinguished by its attention to detail and meets the requirements of modern lifestyles and of a constantly evolving culture. Moda collection is multifunctional, suitable for floors and walls, interiors and exteriors.

Quantity per box 

Field 12x24* 8pc / 15.49sf 40bx / 619.60sf 
Field 24x36* 3pc / 17.43sf 40bx / 697.2sf 
Mosaic (1x4) 12x12 sheet 11pc 
Mosaic Blend (1x4) 12x12 sheet 11pc
Bullnose 3.25x12 25 (call or email us regarding pricing and availability)


Each installation recommendation, or method, requires a properly designed, constructed, and prepared substructure using materials and construction techniques that meet nationally recognized material and construction standards.
Prior to installing any ceramic or porcelain tiles, please refer to written guidelines detailed in the current TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass and Stone Tile Installation


SKU Moda Series
Look Look Concrete
Color Variation Color Variation 3
Edge Finish Edge Finish Rectified
P.E.I. P.E.I. 4
C.O.F. (Wet) C.O.F. (Wet) >0.60
C.O.F. (Dry) C.O.F. (Dry) >0.60
D.C.O.F. D.C.O.F. N/A
Absorption Absorption <0.5%
Chemical Resistance Chemical Resistance Yes
Frost Resistance Frost Resistance Yes
Finish Finish Matte
Type Type Color Body Glazed Porcelain
Glaze Type Glaze Type Color Body
Application Application Floor
Build Type Build Type Commercial, Residential
Area Area Indoor, Outdoor
Size Size 12x24
Recycled Content(%) Recycled Content(%) No

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