Waterloo Eurotech 16 Gauge Dual Bowl Sink (50/50) - Includes Grid, Strainer, Drain, Cutting Board and more.

Sognare Tile & Stone Co.

$ 333.00

Waterloo Eurotec Sinks, "For Those That Demand The Very Best"

Waterloo Eurotec Sinks are made in Europe of the highest quality 304 surgical stainless steel using the, now rare, 18/10 chrome/nickel formula and are cold pressed to offer you the finest quality sink made.

  • Stainless Steel Grids
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Unique Basket-Strainer / Drain Assembly
  • Bamboo Cutting Board

(Strainer only included with Laundry Sink)

Sinks are packaged individually in high quality boxes, with sinks wrapped in special cloth bags, and also, include mounting clips and cardboard templates.

Since Waterloo Eurotec SINKS are cold pressed, there in no need for sometimes oderous paint to cover the stress imperfections found on hot pressed sinks on the backside, resulting in a clean look. Highest sound deadening results from use of new heavy duty rubber/chrome foil on all flat surfaces on backside of the sink. "Do You Deserve The Very Best?"

Available in;

Overall Size: 32-3/4"x20-1/2"
Left Bowl: 14-3/4"x18-1/2"x10"
Right Bowl: 14-3/4"x18-1/2"x10"

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