Exclusive Brands

We also carry exclusive brands such as Voguebay, Elysium, Happy Floors, Lungarno, Bellezza, Alfagres, and more! 

Voguebay Tile:

Voguebay has a vast selection of tiles with quality that surpasses anything else that we have ever seen! You will not see Voguebay everywhere due to it's exclusivity, brand, and quality.  

Voguebay products are unique, breathtaking, and exclusive - there is nothing quite like it.  We are honored to be carrying such a prestigious line of tiles and mosaic.  Please see below for the various lines of tiles and mosaics that Voguebay offer.  

Voguebay  Glass tiles:
Voguebay  Glass Blends
Voguebay Heatwave
Voguebay Matrix
Voguebay Studio Glass
Voguebay Passion
Voguebay Bamboo Lux
Voguebay Archluxe
Voguebay Glasshell
Voguebay Watercube
Voguebay Iceberg
Voguebay Crossover
Voguebay Aquastone
Voguebay Glass Bullets
Voguebay Glass Bubbles
Voguebay Glass Airstrip
Voguebay Glass Cultural Brick
Voguebay Glass Stream
Voguebay Great Wall
Voguebay Teardrop
Voguebay Glass Magic
Voguebay Ispring
Voguebay Cliff
Voguebay Stream Link
Voguebay Glass & Stone Mosaic
Voguebay Spectra Glass Mosaic & Tile
Voguebay Vision Glass
Voguebay Laser Glass
Voguebay T22 Glass Molding

Metal Tile:
Voguebay Metalluxe Tile
Voguebay Metal Plus Mosaic
Voguebay Metal Mosaic & Tile

Natural Stone:
Voguebay Hiphop
Voguebay Nebula
Voguebay Ark
Voguebay Castle
Voguebay Joy
Voguebay Marble Matrix
Voguebay Natural Split
Voguebay Natural Split Plus
Voguebay Marble Stream
Voguebay Bluetooth
Voguebay Marble Bullets
Voguebay Marble Bullets
Voguebay Lava Stone Mosaic & Tile

Durastone Porcelain Tile:

Voguebay Durastone Tile
Voguebay Durastone Mortar Tile

3D Durastone Porcelain Tile:

Voguebay Ispring 3D Durastone Tile
Voguebay Bloom 3D Durastone Tile
Voguebay Loft 3D Durastone Mosaic
Voguebay Bayline 3D Durastone Mosaic

Durastone Porcelain Tile:

Voguebay Durastone Relief Tile & Mosaic
Voguebay Hexagon Tile
Voguebay Hexagon M Tile
Voguebay Hexagon Plus A Tile
Voguebay Hexagon Plus B Tile
VoguebayDiamond Tile
Voguebay Chevron Tile
Voguebay Boomerang Tile
Voguebay Hexagon Mosaic
Voguebay Castle Durastone Mosaic
Voguebay Diamond Cube Durastone
Voguebay Durastone & LAVAcode Mosaic
Voguebay Crossover Durastone Mosaic

Exclusive Porcelain Tile:

Voguebay Everquartz Tile & Mosaic
Voguebay LAVAcode Tile
Voguebay Ultra White Porcelain Tile
Voguebay BNW Porcelain Tile
Voguebay Metallic Tile & Mosaic
Voguebay Travertine Tile & Mosaic
Voguebay White Rectified Wall Tile & Mosaic
Voguebay Milk Glass Mosaic & Tile
Voguebay Euromarmo Tile & Mosaic

Italian Porcelain Tile:

Voguebay Absolute Timber 


Elysium Tiles

We are happy to announce that we have the entire Elysium Mosaic and Tile collection! Considering that Elysium Mosaics are exclusive products, we do not post any pricing information on our website.    

You can access of Elysium's products by clicking on the link below.


Elysium products:

Stainless Steel 

Mosaic Styles:

Elysium Alice

Elysium Alps

Elysium Arabesque

Elysium Cartier

Elysium Casale

Elysium Cecilia

Elysium Circular

Elysium Cross

Elysium Crystal

Elysium Diamond

Elysium Diana

Elysium Glass Large Format

Elysium Hulu

Elysium Icy

Elysium Inari

Elysium Inga

Elysium Jewel

Elysium Lantern

Elysium Lovure

Elysium Elysium Metal

Elysium Milano

Elysium Nancy

Elysium Pelasgus

Elysium Pep

Elysium Precious Stone

Elysium Roman

Elysium Swiss

Elysium Van Gogh

Elysium Venice

Elysium Volga

Elysium Water

Elysium White & Blue

Elysium Zodiac