Wood Look Tile and Engineered Wood

Can't understand how I can love tile so much! I could just stare at all the wonderful material all day!  Lately, customers have been asking me about grey wood look tile, it has become very popular over of the late.  From a design aspect, grey tile give your space a very clean and natural look.  I wanted to share my thoughts on wood like tile versus engineered wood.  While both are fantastic products, I think that If maintenance is your concern then tile is the way to go.

Wood look tile: IT IS TILE so you don't have to worry about water damage, staining it and breaking it (unless you take a hammer and hit the tile, let's hope no one has plans to do that).  Tile is also less expensive cost wise and also less expensive to install and maintain.  You could probably find wood look tile for $2.00 - $3.50/sf.  Although there are some Italian porcelain tiles out there for $6-10/sf - I guess it just depends on your budget.  If you are on a budget then you could easily find some at a reasonable price (email me with what you are looking for and I will be happy to help you find it).

Now, engineered wood, one of my most favorite material.  It is almost impossible to tell the difference between engineered wood and hardwood, really!!  It is so much cheaper than wood, and less expensive to install than the wood.  It is however, a bit more expensive than the tile.  Engineered wood is basically 3 layers, the very bottom layer is usually some type of support or backing consisting of hardwood backing.  The next layer (middle layer) is a  high density board such as plywood or white wood and top layer is an actual layer of solid hardwood veneer.  The more wood veneer it has, the more expensive it will be.  The more plywood or white wood it has, the less expensive it will be.  When shopping for engineered wood, always look for how much actual wood (top layer) it has, the more it has the better it is!

Here is a picture explaining the different layers...

Layer 1 is the bottom layer (support of backing)
Layer 2 is the middle layer (plywood or white wood)
Layer 3 is the top layer (actual wood)
Check out these pictures of wood look tile and engineered wood in various spaces, can you guess which one is tile and which one is engineered wood? It's not as easy as it seems........wishing everyone a fabulous Thursday! I'll be back again with something more about flooring......bye for now!

Enjoy these designs, and please let me know if I can help you folks with anything :)
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