Stainless Steel Sinks

Hello again! I am back with more....I know it has been a while since my last post as I have become really busy at the new store.  Business is picking up, and I am feeling blessed!

Thinking of buying a stainless steel sink, confused with all the different pricing and grades.  This post should give you a general idea on what to look for when purchasing your sink. The absolutely acceptable sink standard for a home is 18 gauge sink.  A lot of people think that 18 gauge is “bad” – not the case!  18 gauge sink is a perfect grade and weight for a standard kitchen, it does the job and works well over time. 

Things to consider:


1.  Check for the amount of chrome and nickel in the sink - the more chrome and nickel, the better the grade of the steel.

2.  16-18 gauge (thicker) – more impervious to dent, scratches, and better sound insulation.

      20-22 gauge (thin) – less resistant to dent, scratches, and less sounds insulation

      (Stick to 16 or 18 gauge when selecting a sink, not a major difference between the two)

3.  50/50 – One sink, with an equal partition.
     60/40 – One sink, with a 60:40 partition - one side is larger than the other.
     Single Bowl – One Sink, no partitions.  

Stainless steel sinks are durable, gleaming, nonporous and easy to clean.  Sinks are now available in standard undermount (traditional), square undermount (contemporary), rounded undermount (any style), apron (latest trend), and more.  Stainless steel is preferred in kitchens because it is resistant to heat, rust, corrosion, and stains.  Your sinks will also be a bit safer when in stainless steel sinks as opposed to porcelain or cast iron.  Above all else, stainless sinks are very reasonably priced!

All sinks are available for purchase at wholesale prices at!

See below for sink pictures

Standard 50/50

Contemporary One Bowl Sink

Standard 60/40

Standard one Bowl

Apron Sink

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