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Harvest Grains Quartz Countertop

Harvest Grains Quartz Countertop

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The hottest trend for countertops, known for its modest, refined and distinct look is Quartz.  The natural exquisiteness of quartz is derived from its gemstone inspired color.  It is also considered one of the most durable surfaces on earth, which is why quartz is the perfect material for kitchen countertops. Its non-porous surface and exclusive blend of beauty combined with maintenance-free characteristic makes quartz a remarkable stone for any design.

Quartz is naturally non-porous and scratch resistant which makes it an ideal candidate for your kitchen countertops.  It also prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria such as mold and mildew.  Above all, Quartz requires no sealing or polishing.

Available in  Countertops and Islands

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