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Natural Ash Natural Wood Mosaics 13"x13" Sheet (May qualify for free shipping)

Natural Ash Natural Wood Mosaics 13"x13" Sheet (May qualify for free shipping)

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Natural Ash

The ash tree grows mostly in Central Europe, though there are American and Japanese varieties. The wood is bright and slightly yellow, with a distinctly expressed texture on the cross-section. The sapwood and mature wood look similar. Ash is harder than oak. It is very flexible and is often used for sports equipment, as it handles mechanical stress very well.

Brinell hardness scale: 4.0 – 4.1

Can be used as flooring.

First authentic wood tiles in the U.S. market.

Mosaic wood tiles are made from natural, sustainably harvested wood in Europe, fully adhering to modern aesthetic and ecological principles. For a long-lasting, moisture-resistant finish, the tiles are coated with a protective layer of oil-wax polish made in Germany by Osmo. These treatments allow Mosaic tiles to be used throughout interior spaces, from tiling walls and columns, to kitchen islands and backsplashes.

• As a design element, wood mosaic combines easily with ceramic tiles. The tiles’ mesh backing allows them to easily conform to the contours of the surface beneath.

The Ash, Bird Cherry, and Oak varieties of Mosaic can be installed as flooring and on staircases using the standard procedure.

• Further, Mosaic tiles have earned an ASTM Class B flame spread rating. Thus, they are safe to use in virtually all commercial and residential projects.

Wood tiles are treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil, manufacturer of Germany’s most popular wood finishes.

General information on Osmo Polyx®-Oil:

• Durable – Bind to wood grain and will not flake, blister, or peel:Ideal treatment even in rooms with high humidity.
• Beautiful – Bring out the natural beauty of your woods
Eco-Friendly – Engineered from natural, renewable oils and waxes
Safe – Approved even for use on children’s toys
Water–repellent and dirt–resistant
Easy to clean
Based on natural vegetable oils and waxes
• Award Winning – Recognized by Sustainable Industries and Green Building Product Dealer

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