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Tile Wood Look Porcelain Yellowstone Series

Tile Wood Look Porcelain Yellowstone Series

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All prices are quoted per square feet.

Color:  Maple/ Maple Cottage/ Forest/ Forest Cottage/ Silver Grey/ Silver Grey Cottage/ Royal Grey/ Royal Grey Cottage

Sizes Available: 10x40 Rectified Porcelain

Square Feet per Box: 10.70 
LBS Per Box: 48 

Technical Data
Water Absorption: C373 ISO-10545/3 <=3% <=0.5%
Break Strength: C648 ISO-10545/4 >= 250 Min. 350
Scratch Hardness: MOH's Scale EN-101 - 7
Chemical Resistance: C650 ISO-10545/13 Unaffected Unaffected
Frost Resistance: C1026 ISO-10545/12 Resistant Resistant
Group: C1027 ISO-10545/7 - 4
Minimum Bond Strength: (PSI) C482 >=50 psi 165
Coefficient of Friction/dry: C1028 - Varies >=0.70
Coefficient of Friction/wet: C1028 - Varies >=0.60
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction: (DCOF) A137.1 - >=0.42 >=0.60
Shade and Texture Rating: CTDA "V" - - V4
Facial Dimensions: C499 ISO-10545/2 1.5% Max Pass
Range of Thickness: C499 ISO-10545/2 0.040 Max Pass
Warpage: C485 ISO-10545/2 0.75% Pass
Wedging: C502 ISO-10545/2 1.0% Max Pass

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